High Orac

Prohibited for sale in Russia

The High ORAC Synbiotic formula is renowned as comprehensive post-antibiotic care.*

Antibiotics manage a variety of infections, but in the process, antibiotics change the balance of the microbiota community in the GI tract, which can cause yeast and fungal overgrowth, and allow a host of other pathogenic organisms to flourish. Constipation, diarrhea, yeast infections, bloating, itching, and burning are just some of the uncomfortable effects.

The High ORAC Synbiotic offers a perfect combination of our Super Blend of naturally occurring whole probiotics with a rich complex of concentrated plant polyphenols that serve as potent post-antibiotic care with anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, as well as exquisite anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Suggested Use: 

Post Antibiotic Care: The High ORAC is the most powerful anti-oxidant product on the market, with 40,000ppm of total ORAC, and a broad-spectrum plant polyphenol that boosts nitric oxide levels in the blood, stimulates antioxidant activity and supports efficient cellular oxygen consumption. The mix restores and renews the GI Tract, re-colonizes the gut with strong organisms, and re-energizes every cell in the body. Take 1-2 capsules daily.*

Yeast infection: Antibiotics often unbalance the microbiome (GI Tract) resulting in overgrowth of yeast in the gut and vagina. Plant extracts have antimicrobial properties, and together with the probiotic, reduce pathogenic populations. Take 1-2 caps High ORAC. Add Garlic (2-3 capsules daily) for its antimicrobial ability for 7-10 days.*

Sports, exercise, and reduction of oxidation: The High ORAC’s total 40,000ppm Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity means that it has a high ability to neutralize free radicals in the body. Take 1 capsule before exercise to reduce muscle soreness. Add Energy (1-2 caps) for added strength.*

Amount per serving: 60 capsules

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