Wellness is about building health, not fighting disease. It’s about growing younger while cultivating unprecedented vitality. Have you noticed that conventional medicine treats symptoms, rather than preventing them in the first place? Have you noticed that conventional medicine rarely addresses the root causes of chronic disease?

Naturopathy is entirely different. Naturopathy is empowerment. It provides powerful tools, including time-honored herbal and botanical medicine, and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. When you know what is possible, committing yourself to transformational wellness becomes easy and natural.

Naturopathy is empowerment

Are you Ready to Thrive?

Do you want to eliminate brain fog? Do you long for that all-day, high-octane energy you enjoyed as a child? Are you ready to slim down to your ideal version of yourself? Your “best you” is well within your reach.

Of course, genetics and fate both play their roles. We can’t control everything, but we can certainly optimize the cards we’ve been dealt. For most people, simple lifestyle adjustments can improve health dramatically, especially adjustments based on my 3 Axes of Wellness:

Healthy Eating: It Starts with the Gut

Consider for a moment that most people don’t actually “choose” the pizzas, cakes, croissants, and sugary sweets they eat regularly. Consider that microscopic bacteria within their digestive tracts are actually making these choices for them by sending signals that influence their cravings.

I strongly support the notion that health begins in the gut. There are many components to gut health, but perhaps the most significant involves the gut microbiome – those trillions of bacteria that live within your digestive tract. The gut microbiome modulates brain chemistry, which in turn affects mood, mental clarity, and even food choices and cravings.

Becoming the Gut Governor

Unfortunately, most people have poor gut health, including imbalanced gut microbiomes. Knowing this, I always begin by addressing and improving gut health. I help you become the governor of your gut bacteria, rather than letting them govern you. By shifting this power dynamic, you’ll experience remarkable changes concerning your tastes and cravings. You’ll desire less sugary foods and more vegetables, healthy fats, and nourishing, protein-rich foods.

Healthy eating isn’t about struggling, nor about constantly fighting cravings. On the contrary, it’s about addressing and reversing the causes of your unhealthy cravings while retraining your taste buds to desire the foods that build and support optimal health.

Practitioner-Grade Supplements

Supplements have become a necessity. Unfortunately, modern agriculture yields fruit and vegetables with far less micronutrients than the foods our ancestors ate. The same can be said about industrial meat, as compared to the wild game our ancestors hunted and consumed.

In the era of coronavirus, supplements have become even more important, particularly those that bolster the immune system, including medicinal mushrooms, zinc, vitamin D, and various antioxidants, such as astaxanthin, NAD+, elderberry, quercetin, and glutathione.

Conventional vs. Practitioner-Grade

This being said, there is a world of difference between conventional, over-the-counter supplements and practitioner-grade supplements. Think of it like this – eating organic food is important because of purity. Unlike conventional food, most organic food doesn’t contain pesticides and other impurities. Supplements are the same way.

Most supplements are concentrated extracts of roots, herbs, and other natural products. Therefore, if the raw materials aren’t pure and if the extraction processes aren’t state-of-the-art, the end products will have impurities and will lack potency. Practitioner-grade supplements are pure and potent, whereas conventional supplements are tainted, diluted, and generally inadequate.

Usually, you can purchase practitioner-grade products only from a licensed and certified practitioner, not from pharmacies or online shops. As a licensed practitioner, I am honored to offer you the most advanced, highest-quality, practitioner-grade products available today. These are the same products I use in my clinical practice and that I myself have been taking for many years. 

Karim Chubin naturopathy

Functional Laboratory Testing

To accurately navigate any terrain, like my beloved Swiss alps, you need a map. You need to see where you are and where you are going. Functional laboratory testing is a map for your “milieu intérieur” – your interior physiological, emotional, and bio-energetic terrain.

Functional laboratory tests reveal, among other things, nutritional deficiencies and stress-induced imbalances, both of which undermine your body’s constant efforts to maintain homeostasis. The data from these tests enable me, as your practitioner, to create your successful, 100% bespoke, transformational wellness journey.

Tests Used in my Practice

Some of the many tests I use in my practice include state-of-the-art metabolic tests, advanced hormonal tests, environmental toxicity, immunology, proteomics, and bioresonance testing (based on declassified Russian space, military, and sports science).

These tests are superior to conventional tests in every way. Conventional tests provide only a surface-level snapshot of your physiology, while failing to reveal meaningful data or insights regarding your internal terrain.

At karimchubin.com and within my private practice, we offer and utilize a wide variety of the most advanced, most insightful functional testing available anywhere. If you want to take your health to the next level, let me show you why I recommend these tests so highly.


Health is a journey. Each person’s journey is unique, requiring a carefully planned, customized roadmap. For those seeking in-depth guidance, I offer my Diamond and Platinum Level Nutrition programs, both of which are empowering journeys that help you become the best version of yourself.

For others, because of life circumstances, it might not be the right time to take such a journey, however you can still greatly improve your health by following my Gold Level Nutrition program, or simply by following my guidance on smart food, practitioner-grade nutritional supplements, and advanced functional laboratory testing, as presented throughout this website.

Unlock your body’s boundless vitality and incredible anti-aging potential. 

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