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About Karim

Karim Chubin is a German- and US-trained, Swiss naturopath with Persian roots, a London School of Economics anthropology degree, and extensive knowledge of Russia’s language and traditions.

With offices in London, Geneva, and Moscow, as well as an international support-team of healthcare professionals, Karim’s exclusive, boutique practice combines mind-body nutrition, functional medicine, and advanced holistic healthcare, thereby guiding families and individuals through life-changing, health-optimizing journeys. An elite clientele, including world-class athletes, distinguished professionals, royalty, and even an astronaut-to-be, enjoys Karim’s highly sought-after services.

Karim’s multicultural, multilingual, multidisciplinary background underlies his unique ability to decode and unravel his patients' health complexities while building new foundations for optimal wellness. Having developed a series of proprietary healing modalities, including Vital Quintessence (VQ) and Emotional Mapping (EM), as well as cutting-edge nutritional formulas and product bundles, Karim is a true pioneer of synergistic botany and next-generation healing.