Diamond Level Nutrition

It is a luxury, “haute-couture” service, featuring 100% customization, comprehensive functional testing, and boutique herbal and nutritional products formulated especially for you to meet your individual metabolic needs. The program also includes unlimited weekday access to me (plus limited access on weekends), your practitioner and wellness-journey co-participant.

The Diamond Level Nutrition Experience is my most powerful, most transformational mind-body wellness program. It allows for gentle, gradual, lasting results, achieved during an extended period of time, and with the benefit of my constant monitoring your progress and calibrating your program, as needed. Learn more

Platinum Level Nutrition

During my 16 years of clinical practice, I have developed my Platinum Level Nutrition protocol, a highly successful, highly sophisticated wellness program, which I have used to help scores of clients overcome incredible health challenges while guiding them, in co-participatory journeys, to transformational wellness.

Platinum Level Nutrition, my flagship protocol, is a remote program, conducted via online consultations and monitoring. It is 100% personalized to you and it starts with an introductory consultation, during which I assess your health history and current condition.

From here, I curate a series of functional lab tests, based on your particular needs, conditions, and goals. The results of these tests, combined with my assessment during our consultation and follow-up communications, enable me to formulate a 100% bespoke nutrition and lifestyle program, based on your precise needs and goals.

During Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this program (each 8 weeks long), you will experience my proven healing methodology as a deep, yet gradual transformation leading to enhanced vitality, increased energy, the development of a stronger, more robust immune system, improved cognitive performance (mood, memory, focus), enhanced beauty (radiant skin, softer hair), and emotional balancing, all of which ripple through every dimension of your life. Learn more


B2B Solutions

Karim is the founder of Swiss Nutrition Research LLC, a company that provides high-end nutrition products and premiere wellness services to businesses and related organizations. Swiss Nutrition Research (SNR) was founded in 2011 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

We work with corporations, non-profits, government agencies, hospitals, medical clinics, sports organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and others.



The services we provide include:

  • Organizing nutrition and health related seminars for employees.
  • Developing department-wide or company-wide wellness programs aimed at increasing productivity, increasing cognitive performance, and/or decreasing employee sick leave.
  • Implementing specific programs or events based on the particular wellness needs or goals of your organization.
  • Working directly with individuals, such as managers and executives, and/or small groups, such as management teams and Boards of Directors, to develop customized nutrition protocols addressing your specific goals.
  • Delivering Educational Seminars on a wide variety of relevant topics, such as the role of targeted nutrition and botanicals for brain health, stress support, and optimal vitality enhancement. 


Who We Are

SNR consists of a team of international experts, hand-picked for each particular project. These experts include: Western medical practitioners, Russian scientists, accomplished wellness chefs, naturopathic doctors, medical herbalists, naturopathic pharmacists, and others, all of whom are dedicated to providing superior knowledge, and unparalleled project-specific solutions.

NB: If you would like to a book a consultation and find out more about becoming Karim’s patient, please contact us via email contact@karimchubin.com or using the form on the website. All consultations are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.

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