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Candida Panel

This in-depth “Candida” panel analyzes Candida antigen and IgG, IgA, and IgM antibodies specific to Candida to help identify an overgrowth of the fungus, suspected to be the underlying cause of a number of symptoms. 

Take this test if you…

  • Have suffered or are you suffering from mucosal epithelial, tracheobronchial, and recurring genito-urinary candida infections
  • Suffer from skin and fungal infections
  • Suffer from Joint Pain
  • Suffer from Sinus infections
  • Are tired and fatigued
  • Are easily irritable 
  • Have ongoing sweet cravings that you are finding hard to resist
  • Are very thin and are have difficulty gaining weight

Collection instructions in English: blood serum

Collection instructions in English: dried blood spot (DBS)

Инструкции по сбору биоматериала на русском: сыворотка крови

Инструкции по сбору биоматериала на русском: сухое пятно крови (СПК)

Instructions de collecte en français: sérum

Instructions de collecte en français: taches de sang séché

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