My name is Karim Chubin. I am a Swiss naturopath and nutritionist from Geneva with Persian roots and a passion for wellness.

In Switzerland, I am certified by RME and Asca, in addition to various other professional certifications in the United States, Germany, and Russia (NaturoProf).

My Early Days

Growing up in Switzerland, I gained a deep appreciation for nature and its many treasures. As a child, I adored Switzerland’s summer berries and autumnal mushrooms, both of which come from our pristine Alpine forests. As an adult, having traveled to Siberia and other immaculate natural environments, I learned that these foods are more than just food – they’re also profound natural medicines.

Finding Russia

Russian culture, language, and history are close to my heart because I have been traveling throughout Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and neighboring countries since I was a teenager. During this period and into my twenties, I learned the Russian language, worked in an orphanage, slept in a yurt with Buryat shamans, fell in love, and befriended elderly people with extraordinary stories while we journeyed together on overnight trans-Siberia trains.

Russian Nutrition Science

Eventually, my Russian experiences led me to study declassified Russian research regarding healing modalities developed by the country’s space and military programs. This research, which at the time hadn’t been translated into other languages, demonstrates the anti-aging and vitality enhancing effects of modulating stress responses at the cellular level.

Russian scientists developed highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic devices for this purpose, which they combined with powerful medicinal plants, called adaptogens. Adaptogens, such as Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng), Schisandra, and Berberine, typically come from Siberia and are among the most profound therapeutics used in contemporary naturopathy and medical herbalism. 

My Naturopathy Fascination

So how and why did I develop a love for naturopathy? The foundation for this love, and my eventual career path, came from 3 sources: (1) growing up in culturally-diverse Geneva, home of the United Nations and residents from around the globe, (2) my aforementioned travels to Russia and neighboring countries, and (3) the anthropology degree I earned as an undergraduate at the London School of Economics.

You see, naturopathy is an evidence-based and experiential approach to medicine. It combines (1) real-world clinical experience with (2) the latest scientific advancements, and (3) ancestral knowledge about plants and other therapeutic practices. My diverse background made me hungry for knowledge and rich experiences, but a life-altering experience when I was 26 funneled this knowledge and experience into naturopathy.

As my friends and family know, I didn’t choose naturopathy. It chose me.

My Hour of Need

When I was 26 years old, I lost someone very dear to me. Needless to say, this was an extremely harrowing experience, and one that made me question everything. It even affected my physical health. In my hour of need, I met a truly remarkable person. She was the mother of a child whose health was seriously compromised. None of the conventional medical protocols had helped her son, but she eventually found naturopathy and several brilliant naturopathic doctors, each of whom helped improve her son’s health dramatically.

This woman opened my eyes. She helped me reconnect with nature and rediscover its brilliance. She brought me back to those childhood moments of enjoying Swiss mountain berries and my teenage experiences of hiking through the Siberian wilderness. Shortly thereafter, I started seeing a naturopath who helped me quickly restore my physical and emotional health. Concurrently, I started immersing myself in the scientific literature pertaining to naturopathy.

My naturopathic journey had begun.

Becoming a Naturopath

During the next years, I studied under a world-renowned medical herbalist in Oregon, several leading Swiss and French naturopaths, and even a retired Russian nutrition scientist who had previously worked with the Soviet space program.

For the past 16 years, I have been running a successful naturopathic practice, with offices in Geneva, Moscow, and London. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to treat a wide array of prominent and fascinating individuals from all walks of life – athletes, bankers, musicians, young couples starting families, elderly people seeking to prolong their golden years, and even a female astronaut.

My Proprietary Modalities

Naturopathy, like conventional medicine, balances rigorous science with the experience and intuition of the practitioner. Thanks to my professional mentors and the many people I have treated, I have developed a unique and effect approach to naturopathy, including proprietary healing modalities, like Vital Quintessence (VQ) and Constitutional / Emotional Mapping (CEM). I have also developed cutting-edge bundles of nutrition products, which deliver results by optimizing synergies between botanical, herbal, and other nutritional molecules.

Back to Siberia 

What really sets me apart though is my deep understanding of and longtime success with Siberian naturopathy. This includes both Siberian adaptogens and advanced Russian medical devices, which nurture homeostasis by identifying and modulating bioenergetic imbalances.

I have witnessed firsthand, both on myself and my clients, the remarkable therapeutic benefits of Siberian naturopathy. Take berberine, for example, an all-natural, and in many ways superior, analog of metformin. I am actually shocked that berberine isn’t being discussed in every coffee shop from California to Moscow!

Aging is Optional

It’s like a secret treasure from the natural world – waiting to be discovered by you. This is why I am adamant about introducing you to berberine, Rhodiola Rosea, Rhaponticum carthamoides, and many other adaptogens. This is why I’m determined to teach you about the HPA axis, Hsp70, and other physiological mechanisms governing the therapeutic and anti-aging effects of adaptogens.

To familiarize yourself with these topics is to glimpse the glorious frontiers of contemporary anti-aging medicine. When you understand why I’m so excited about Siberian adaptogens and advanced Russian bioenergy devices, you’ll understand why I insist that “Aging is Optional”.

If you are interested in meeting me for your first consultation, please contact me. All consultations are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.