Healing Journeys

Based on his proprietary Vital Quintessence (VQ) and Emotional Mapping (EM) techniques, Karim devises customized healing journeys that address his patients« underlying emotional and physiological blockages and imbalances. Through a co-participatory process, Karim and his patients cultivate unprecedented vitality and wellness. To help his patients reach their goals, Karim delves into his “naturopathic toolbox,” which includes state-of-the-art laboratory testing, morphotypical mapping, comprehensive questionnaires, and intuitive communication. Karim’s data-driven analyses and intuitional insights enable him to map each patient’s physical and emotional constitutions, after which he develops a personalized lifestyle and nutrition plan, inclusive of advanced botanical and nutritional supplements, focused dietary guidance, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) mitigation, intelligent movement (IM), and more.

Additional Services

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection

Our cities and homes are grids of invisible, yet perpetual exposure to electromagnetic waves, which interfere with our own bioelectrical energy, thereby weakening our immune systems, disrupting cellular behavior, and setting the stage for various diseases. Karim’s cutting-edge protection plans include whole home/office solutions, smartphone shields, and wearable devices, all of which mitigate the impact of EMF from phones, WiFi, towers, and other pernicious sources.

Stem Cell Therapy

Through his partnership with the world’s first and most advanced stem cell research and treatment clinic, Karim’s patients have the opportunity to experience breakthrough, age-defying tissue regeneration treatments and results that far exceed all other modern procedures. After decades of rigorous testing, Karim’s recommended stem cell therapy has been deemed 100% safe and is helping people achieve unprecedented results.

Smart-Home Solutions

Karim’s Smart-Home Solutions package includes a wide range of handpicked, technologically advanced products designed to transform your home into an energetically balanced, health-supportive sanctuary. This includes solutions for home water and air purification, as well as Karim’s Conscious Kitchen Makeovers.

Beyond Cosmetics

Based on the latest cosmetic breakthroughs from Korea, Germany, and California, Karim’s Beyond Cosmetics protocols, which include luxury organic cosmetics and holistic dermatology products, are custom designed to meet and exceed your needs. Your skin is unique and your beauty plan should reflect this uniqueness.

Energy Balancing

We evolved in nature, but no longer live in natural environments. This creates serious consequences, which sometimes take years to manifest. Karim offers product- and service-based solutions, which harmonize one’s biophysical energy with the planet’s terrestrial energy. According to the latest breakthrough scientific research, by simulating the vibrational resonance of nature, we experience enhanced mental clarity, increased serenity, and deeper sleep.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Karim works with the world’s leading specialists in state-of-the-art, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). On a molecular level, the hormones used in BHRT are identical to endogenous hormones, making them 100% safe and far more effective than synthetic hormones. In conjunction with Karim’s personalized nutrition programs, which boost endogenous hormone production, BHRT becomes a powerful anti-ageing tool, and one that supports optimal quality of life.

Advanced Pet Nutrition

Pets have their own unique health and wellness needs. Karim’s Advanced Pet Nutrition protocols are designed to optimize your pets’ immune systems, their GI health, their skin, coat, and joint health, and more. These protocols also include anti-EMF devices because pets are just as susceptible to EMF damage as are humans.

Healthy Organic Cooking

Whether you cook your own meals or have employees cooking for you, learning how to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals is essential. Whatever your situation, Karim and his team of whole food chefs provide effective, customized solutions to transform your cooking experience in deliciously healthy ways.

Healing Retreats

The stress and demands of modern living can contribute to feelings of disconnection from our communities, nature, and our inner selves. Accordingly, holidays are important opportunities for rejuvenation and re-centering. Through his connections with exclusive wellness-focused retreats, Karim helps you plan unforgettable, tailor-made holidays in places that nourish your mind, body, and soul.