Those who do not find time
every day for health must
sacrifice a lot of time
one day for illness.

Father Sebastien Kneipp

Life isn't about finding yourself. 
Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

A mind that is stretched
by a new experience
can never go back
to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Healing is a matter
of time, but sometimes
it’s also a matter
of opportunity.


Karim’s Philosophy

Your wellness journey with Karim is about building health, not fighting disease.
It’s about growing younger while cultivating unprecedented vitality.

Through his proprietary Vital Quintessence journeys, Karim empowers and guides his patients towards peak energy, radiant beauty, digestive wellness, enhanced cognition, and much more. As a naturopath, Karim understands that healing is a co-participatory creation between a motivated patient and a skillful practitioner. Healing, at its core, is a multidisciplinary convergence of art and science and Karim’s next-generation healing represents the synthesis of holism, intuition, ancestral wisdom, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and breakthrough synergistic botany.

Each person is unique and therefore each person’s healing journey requires a carefully planned, customized roadmap. The wear-and-tear of modern life becomes the emotional and physiological rust that impedes one’s energetic flow while impairing his/her connection to «the source.» Karim clears this rust through a wide range of naturopathic tools, including Siberian herbalism, person-specific lifestyle guidance, and his proprietary Emotional Mapping (EM) technique, an innovative system that combines intuition and adroit analysis, gifts Karim inherited from his Persian grandmother, before cultivating through his lifetime of dedication to helping others reach their true potentials.