My Philosophy

Every man’s goal in life is happiness. Aristotle had already come to that conclusion some two thousand years ago in his Nicomachean Ethics. But I believe that you cannot have true happiness without freedom. And you cannot have freedom without health.

I have always wanted freedom. Freedom to roam, freedom to love, freedom to become myself.

But real freedom takes more effort than one can imagine.

Many of you will have realised that what we think of as “free choice”, is in fact very often a pseudo-autonomous decision, dictated by subconscious patterns and external conditioning. But there is more. Our choices, our food tastes, our likes and dislikes, our very character in fact, are hugely dependent on our physiology. We are — literally! — what we eat (and what we are able to digest and metabolise!). We think that we choose our food, but more often than not our food chooses us! Man, the king of Nature, is actually at the mercy of microscopic bacteria living inside his gut, which determine our food cravings, but also our behaviour, our sex life, our relationships, our very personality. (If you find it hard to believe, download my latest eBook for FREE and discover your brain's hidden potential!)

So, the less healthy you are, the less freedom you actually have. 

Health, seen from that perspective, is a journey, not a quick fix. True health is not the mere absence of a crippling disease. True health is, above all, a balance — a subtle equilibrium within and between the gut microbiome, the nervous system, the brain, the mind, the emotions. When attained, this ideal balance gives you tremendous vitality (and thus the freedom to achieve things), and also inner peace (which is necessary to figure out what it is that you really desire to achieve).

Naturopathy is the vehicle that takes you on that journey of finding the perfect balance for your system. My role, as a naturopath, is to start by debunking your certainties, question your health and your freedom, and then give you the precious tools which will empower you to set yourself the right goals and to actually reach them. My mission is to make my clients not only healthier, but freer and happier, enabling them to discover and to realise their own individual mosaic of happiness.