Meet me

I am a Swiss-born, US- and Germany-trained, Geneva-based naturopath of Persian origin.

From a very early age I had a fascination for foreign cultures, faraway lands and unknown tongues. They seemed to hold marvellous secrets in store for me: treasures of human achievements and emotions, infinite mysteries of the human psychology, the beauty of bodies and the brilliance of minds. All this I yearned to discover and make mine.

At 13 I began a seven-year psychoanalysis with a leading Swiss doctor. At 17 I travelled to Georgia and Ukraine and began to learn Russian. At 20 I was studying anthropology at the London School of Economics. At 21 I journeyed through Siberia on a night train. I befriended some of Russia’s greatest musicians, worked in an orphanage, slept in a yurt with Buryat shamans, had an out-of-body experience, fell in love, nearly got killed in Saint-Petersburg. By 25 I had been to some twenty countries.

I did not come to naturopathy. Naturopathy came to me. When I was 26, cancer took the woman I loved away from me. I sunk into depression. About a year later my physical health collapsed. Doctors were no use. But I was lucky enough to meet the mother of an autistic boy, who had taken to naturopathy to help her child. She succeeded in helping me, and in so doing she defined the course of my life for the next twenty years. I felt deep gratitude and an urge to hand my newly gained awareness further on. I was happy to have found health, but I realised that there was greater happiness still: that of sharing health with others. My journey had begun.

I plunged into it with the passion of a man in love. I learnt about the latest Western medical discoveries, functional diagnosis, molecular botany, nutrigenomics, proteomics. I read up on age-old Tibetan remedies, Ayurvedic plants and Siberian adaptogens, which I had first come across during my travels. I went to study with a world-known medical herbalist in Oregon, leading naturopaths in Switzerland and France, retired Soviet nutrition scientists who had been involved in the space programme. A whole new world was unfolding before me.

This is where I stand today. I have a practice in Geneva, Moscow and London. I have met many people and helped many, including prominent individuals from all walks of life: athletes, bankers, musicians, even a female astronaut. I have gradually developed my own holistic approach to healing, which clinical experience has shown to be highly effective. Yet, I am still as fascinated and as puzzled by the magnificence and mystery of the human being as I was twenty years ago. Each patient is a new universe, offering unexpected challenges and concealing unsuspected riches: a new journey of discovery and, potentially, a great source of reward — for nothing can compare with the satisfaction of sharing in someone’s new-found heath and joy.

I am a happy man.