1. In-Depth Nutritional Consultation

When you initially come to see me, your health journey begins with an in-depth initial consultation (up to 90 minutes). Face-to-face interaction is always preferable, but videoconferencing can also be used if needed.

During this initial consultation, I will use a variety of diagnostic methods, including my proprietary Emotional Mapping technique, to assess your state of health and wellness, locate physiological and mental blockages, and get an overall intuitive feeling of you as a person, in order to give you precise health insights and actionable advice. I may also recommend specific functional laboratory tests and scientifically-backed quantum diagnostic tests in order to identify or confirm the deeper causes underlying some of your imbalances or symptoms.

A one-hour follow-up consultation occurs between a few days and a few weeks after your initial in-depth consultation, in order to take stock of progress and to review the results of laboratory tests. After the follow-up consultation I am able to put together a personalised holistic health plan, which includes recommendations for specific foods, advanced nutritional formulae and botanical compounds. Recommendations may also include intermittent fasting, specific dietary and lifestyle adjustments, an emotional detox protocol, a personalised athletic enhancement program — all of them adapted to your individual metabolic needs. Some spiritual/awareness practices may also be recommended in some cases.

At that point, you are given the opportunity to embark on a healing journey under my personal guidance: a Customized Lifestyle Enhancing Program, also known as CLEP.

2. CLEP (Customised Lifestyle Enhancing Program)

CLEP is an intensive, fully customised transformative nutritional journey, comprised of two cycles of eight weeks each. After the first two months you may choose to either stop there, or recommit to a further two months.

During this four-month period I will devote all my attention to laying the foundation for optimal health through a holistic and integrated approach. This includes repairing and restructuring the digestive system, in order not only to boost digestive efficiency, but also to support the immune system, mitigate stress and improve overall cellular behaviour. It further includes gentle but powerful detoxication, both emotional and physical, and a natural balancing of hormones. During this initial program I will also work on balancing brain chemistry, which has a hugely positive impact on one’s physiology and on the ageing process as a whole.

My CLEP programme relies on regular individual consultations and on an array of tools: nutritional supplements and herbal compounds, coming from leading Western nutraceutical companies, or tailor-made nutritional and herbal formulas compounded in my Geneva-based pharmacy to meet your individual metabolic needs; scientifically backed medical quantum devices that help to balance your energy field; further targeted in-depth laboratory tests; individually selected mental and physical practices; vibrational therapy through hand-picked musical selection, and much more.

Your emotional and psychological structure and function will gently shift, affecting in a profound and lasting way your relation to food and, indeed, to life and health as a whole. This way you will embrace your new lifestyle happily, without feeling that it is dogmatic or restrictive in any way. In 15 years of my clinical experience this initial four-month period has consistently generated a deep and sustainable change in my patients.

After these four months, you can decide to fly with your own wings, or you can choose to continue working with me during a consolidation phase, in order to build up on the initial results that have been achieved.

3. One-off consultations

I also offer one-off individual consultations which may be used for various purposes:

  • following up on your progress after an in-depth initial consultation;
  • following up on a CLEP programme;
  • investigating in greater depth some specific health issue or aspiration;
  • fine-tuning your lifestyle after a major change in your life.

Note: All Lab Tests and Nutritional Products are not included in any of the packages I offer and are purchased separately.